Daniele Carlotti

Born in 1966, in the early eighties Daniele was attracted by the subcultures of the time coming from the United Kingdom, and he actively participated in the emerging punk movement playing in various bands and following the scene of the moment.

He approached the world of tattoos when he was still fifteen: during his first trip through Europe he had a pair of Doc Martens tattooed in the famous Hanky ​​Panky shop in Amsterdam.

Three years and a few more tattoos later he meets Gianmaurizio "Queequeg" Fercioni, from him he will learn the basics that every apprentice of that time had to know: building the various types of needles, mixing the pigments to get the colors, drawing and, of course, tattooing. Thanks to him, he has accessed to a collection of tattoo books on which he built his imagination but above all he had the opportunity to learn the story, the oral and lived one that no book is capable to tell.

In 1985 he opened the Tattoo Club, in the historic location in via Torricelli, where The Tattoo Shop is now located. The first tattoo studio on the street in Milan where over the years he had the honor of hosting international artists including Mr Cartoon, ElChanok, Paulo Sulu'ape, Leo Zulueta and many others known during the long journeys undertaken between the 90s and 2010. These trips took him to work in Western Samoa, India, Madrid, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam.

In recent years, the style that attracted him the most is Old School and Traditional, although he remains faithful to the black and gray style he learned in the Netherlands.

Even today The Tattoo Shop frequently hosts internationally renowned tattoo artists, giving its loyal customers the opportunity to get tattooed by high level tattoo artists.

tattoo milano
tattoos milano